Sharing a recording

Posted 6 years ago by admin

At the top of each poem, quote, prose extract and love-letter, you will see an icon that reads ‘Record’. Click on this to record your own reading of a text.

Press ‘Stop’ to finish recording. If you’d like to play your recording back to yourself, click ‘Play’. If you’re satisfied with the recording, click ‘Save’: you then have the option of sharing the recording with your friends. If you’re not happy with the recording, you can re-record.

To find your recording, go to ‘Audio’ and click on ‘Read By You’.

It’s important to remember to save your work if you’d like to keep it: to do so, you need to click ‘Save’ when you’re finished. As a further measure, it might also be worth emailing the audio it to yourself, to make sure you have a second copy.

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