Volume Problems

Posted 6 years ago by admin

If you are having problems with the audio, please make sure that your phone is not in silent mode (people using an iPhone or iPad should ensure that the mute button on the side is not enabled). You should also make sure that the volume on your phone has been turned up.

If you’re on an iOS device, and are continuing to have problems, make sure that your device is unlocked, and then try double clicking the ‘home’ button. This should mean that your open applications have appeared in a grey bar at the bottom of your screen. Slide to the left as far as you can. A sliding bar showing the volume should be visible at the bottom of your screen. Make sure that the volume is also enabled there.

If your audio is still not working, that means that there’s either a problem with your device or the app. Please try to ensure that there isn’t a general problem with your device before contacting our help team, but if you think the problem is specific to the app then please let us know.

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