Who can help me resolve Google Play issues?

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Google, your mobile carrier (and/or internet service provider), your device manufacturer and third-party app developers all play a role in making Google Play work, so it’s understandable that you may not know where to turn for help – here are some guidelines.


Here are some common questions that the Google Play team may be able to help you with:

Most payment/pricing questions or issues with purchasing
Download errors or stuck downloads (provided they aren’t caused by connectivity problems)
Using the Google Play Store app or Google Play on the web
Finding apps on Google Play

Individual app developers

Once the app (free or paid) has been successfully downloaded and installed on Google Play, the individual Android app developers (the person or group of people who actually make the app or game that you’ve downloaded) take it from there. If you’re having trouble with an app force closing, freezing or any other problems, these are things the developer should be able to help you with. Find out what issues third-party developers can help you with.

Your mobile carrier

Sometimes, issues using Google Play are caused by interruptions or issues with your mobile network, so it’s best to contact your carrier to get these issues resolved:

Auto-cancelled direct carrier billing orders
Missing the direct carrier billing option
Downloads that work over a wireless connection but aren’t working over your carrier’s 3G/4G network
Questions about data use or charges
Updates to the Android OS

Your internet service provider

If you have a WiFi-only device, or you primarily use your phone with wireless connection instead of a network (3G/4G) connection, you may need to contact your internet service provider for the following issues on Google Play:

Downloads that work over your carrier’s 3G/4G network, but not on your wireless network
Persistent server errors when using Google Play or sync
Google Play stuck on “Loading”

Your device manufacturer

If you have questions about or issues with the device hardware, the manufacturer of your phone or tablet is the best person to contact. Also, questions about why your deviceisn’t supported for use with Google Play can be answered by the manufacturer.

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