Wi-Fi and 3G

Posted 6 years ago by admin

The Love Book app includes options to share your favourite poem, or your own work, via email, Facebook or Twitter. But to be able to do so, your device needs to have an Internet connection: that means ensuring you have a working Wi-Fi. The app is too big to download via 3G, but once it’s downloaded, you can share poems via a 3G connection.

If you’re having problems connecting to the Internet, go into your device’s ‘Settings’ section. If you’d like to use Wi-Fi, first click into the Wi-Fi category and make sure you’ve selected ‘On’.

If you still can’t connect to the Internet, this may just mean that there isn’t a good service where you are: try somewhere that you know has a working Internet connection. If you can connect to the Internet elsewhere on your device, but can’t connect to the Internet via The Love Book app, please let us know.

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