Write a Poem

Posted 6 years ago by admin

To write your own poem, go to the ‘Faves’ page. There you should be able to see a section called ‘My Love Book (write a poem!)’. Click on this, and a new screen will appear – there is an option to ‘Write’ in the top right hand corner. Click this icon, and then fill the ‘Title’, ‘Author’ and ‘Poem Text’ into the form available.

It’s important to remember to save your work if you’d like to keep it: to do so, you need to click ‘Save’ when you’re finished. As a failsafe, it might also be worth emailing the text to yourself, just to make sure you have a backup copy.

To Share your work, click Save, and you’ll be able to see your poem in the ‘My Love Book’ section. Click on it, and then click ‘Share’ to send it via Mail, SMS, Twitter or Facebook.

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