The Missouri Review, the esteemed American literary journal reviews The Love Book

4. The Love Book

The Love Book takes this same idea of an anthology and blows it out of the water. A compendium of not only love-themed poetry, but prose and love letters, all from famous authors, takes a very creative and interactive approach to recorded media. Not only are many of the poems read by famous voices (Tom Hiddleston, Emma Watson, and Helena Bonham Carter, to name a few, OH MY GOD), but also the app allows us, the literary consumers, to curate our own collection of recordings, which are all able to be saved within the app and listened to later. Additionally, perfect for Valentine’s Day or creeping out a potential date, the app allows the user to send their recordings via email and social media. The collection of texts and famous recordings keeps growing, too, which, like the Poetry Foundation’s app, saves The Love Book from losing its appeal or novelty, which is a problem with many other apps, such as Angry Birds. The app visuals, designed my Kate Moross, look simply beautiful as well.

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